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стоимость доставки из США

стоимость доставки

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Shipping from the USA to Ukraine

Air Transport - To the Ukraine we can ship any package through federal mail (prices are listed on the USPS website), just like to any other country. However, we usually recommend our customers to use a local courier service. 


IMPORTANT: The small weight parcel (up to 2.7kg or 6lb) have a fixed rate of $30, sending a parcel 2.7kg-4.5kg gets rounded up to 4.5kg, but even so, this way is cheaper than your standard public post office rate. 


  • A whole lot cheaper! For example, shipping a 4.5kg Priority Mail USPS will cost you $79.05, and Express Delivery USPS – only $44.00! Save nearly %50.
  • Faster shipping. In larger cities the delivery time is 7-10 days. In remote villages delivery time would be about 2 weeks.
  • A bigger weight limit. Weight can limit up to 50kg (110 pounds) rather than your standard 30kg. Sending furniture and heavier objects is possible, but it is solved separately.
  • Parcels can be sent to a home address


Sea Delivery - the minimum weight of the sea shipments is 4.5 kg (10lb). Parcels weighing less than 4.5kg are round up to 4.5kg, as usual. The maximum should not exceed over than 50 kg (110 lb). You can send out, heavier items such as furniture, but this is solved individually.


 - Transit time for Sea Delivery is about 4-6 weeks

 - Parcels are “delivered to you by hand”



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