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стоимость доставки

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Storing your goods at our warehouse

Storing your goods at our warehouse is simple and free.

We provide 60 days of free storage for your purchases at our warehouse.  We begin the count when we receive the receipt of your purchase.  You can monitor the movement of your purchase from your account on our website. You can keep your purchases as long as it takes to complete your combined parcel, completely free!

After 60 days, you will be charged $2 a day for storage. We carefully and repeatedly notify you as you are approaching the end of your free storage period. If you do not respond to our notification the additional storage charge will be added to your shipping bill.

If you do not withdraw your goods within 180 days, the goods are then considered unclaimed. S-V service then reserves the right to sell your goods on eBay. You will be charged and credited the costs of selling your items on eBay to your account.

ALEXANDER K. Yekaterinburg, Russia07 17 14

Package came on time, the service is great, and price is adequate. In word, great! Thank you very much. In the future, I am only dealing with you ;) ...

Lily Z. Moscow, Russia04 28 14

Excellent! Nice buy! Package was delivered in less than 2 weeks. Thank you! ...

Ekaterina K. Moscow, Russia05 02 14

Made my first order on this site! Everything was done on the highest level! I especially liked the very attentive service! Made as soon as possible! Thank you Marina)) I will sure order again!! With y ...