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Марина добрый день. Наконец-то получил долгожданную посылку, все приехало хорошо, за упаковку отдельное спасибо. Упаковали так, что ей не страшно падение с высоты. Извиняюсь за чрезмерную назойливость ...

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Thanks again to Marina and the team for being quick, prompt, and professional. ...

Soroka-Vorovka – your buying assistant for shopping in US online stores and delivering goods to your door!

If you’ve come to our website, then you understand that shopping in the US stores offers the best deals--realsteals! Here, you will find many, high quality, trendy and fashionable items at much cheaper prices than anywhere in Europe, OAE, Japan or rest of the world.

Why choose our service?

  • We ship via US Postal Service and ALL express delivery services at the official rates, without any additional markup costs.
  • We can consolidate your orders from different online, American  stores into one package, carefully package it, and ship it to you by USPS or another courier, by air or by sea.
  • No hidden or extra fees.
  • Where our competitors charge 10-15%, we charge no more than 6-8%
  • Where other shopping services can’t buy, we can buy. Soroka-Vorovka buys from ALL stores in the USА
  • Save even more! We have no sales taxes on clothes, shoes, etc.
  • Fast order processing
  • A whole range of free and additional services at the lowest prices in the industry
  • User-friendly website interface, with automatic status updates of your orders
  • Additional savings and bonuses for frequent customers!

And more:

  • We have been successfully providing buying and shipping assistance for people who shop in American stores online, from outside of the USA, since 2008
  • We have years of expertise in shipping oversized items internationally furniture items, car parts, sports equipment, etc.
  • Our offices are located in New York City, so shipping from the US to our warehouse is often free or cheaper than to any other US city
  • Our shopping expertise in the US will help you avoid fakes, scams and delays
  • We can also help you to buy or ship a car or a boat from the US – we’ve been doing it for 15 years now.
  • We have a solid D&B Viability Rating (Dun & Bradstreet).
  • We have been verified by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) as a reliable service provider, which allows us to offer you low shipping costs.


Soroka-Vorovka has offices and warehouses in:

  • Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg air/ocean);
  • Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk air/ocean);
  • Republic of Georgia (Tbilisi and Poti air/ocean);
  • Azerbaijan (Baku air - direct /ocean- transit through Georgia).

We have partnership offices and transit warehouses in: Ukraine (Kiev), Armenia (Erevan), Kazakhstan (Astana and Almaty), Finland (Helsinki and Kotka), Italy (Milano, Genoa), Poland (Warsaw, Gdansk), Lithuania (Klaipeda), Turkey (Istanbul), and U.A.E. (Dubai).

We can deliver your cargo to any city in the world, to any international airport (suitable for wide-body aircrafts), and to any sea-port equipped to unload containers.

That is not all:

  • We offer flexible payment methods;
  • We have no restrictions on the size of your order; no minimum order
  • We have personalized and friendly approach to each customer;
  • We have years of experience of shipping goods of all kinds and sizes from the US.

So, you see, Soroka-Vorovka is your only answer to making purchases in the US. By consolidating your purchases from various US stores into one package you get huge savings on shipping charges. We will help you make the most of your shopping in American stores and will make sure your package is delivered safe and sound. In most cases getting your purchases through us is cheaper than shipping directly from US stores.

What’s in the name?

We started sending packages from the USA to our friends in Russia years ago; then we were sending them to friends of our friends, until eventually these personal favors turned into a business. We launched our website in 2010 and originally it was tailored to Russian speaking shoppers from the former USSR.  That is the main reason why the name of our company is hard to pronounce and remember (to make it easier – bookmark us): Soroka-Vorovka means a Thieving Magpie in Russian, but we kept the Russian version of it as it sounds more playful and like a tongue twister.

Well, we like this curious and inquisitive bird. FYI, for those of you who slept through biology in school, a magpie is a kind of bird who tends to pick up and bring home all the pretty shiny things :) Plus, in America if a person is asked “How much did you pay for this?”, and he bought it cheap, there is a saying: “I stole it!”

We will do anything we can so you could always respond to this question the same way :)