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стоимость доставки из США

стоимость доставки

Our Services

Very briefly about us (for those who skipped the home page):
Our company is your buying assistant for making purchases in USA stores and auctions and delivering them to you.
We have been in business since 2008.
Our motto (not only in business) - honesty and integrity.

We call it like it is: 10% means 1/10, 1 kilo is 1000 grams, and $1 is exactly one US dollar J We have NO hidden fees, NO minimum order requirement and NO additional services.
All your orders are pre-calculated, so you can make a decision if you want to buy that item from the US or not, and you decide you order this item from the United States or not: the price will not change (well, unless the sale ended).

We call a spade a spade:
We do not consider ourselves a shipping company (we don’t own any ships or aircrafts).
We are not claiming to be an OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVE of any brand or store.
We are simply your buying assistant so you could get any item from any store in the US.

List of our services:
- Purchase of any goods in the US at the lowest commission. Our commission includes EVERYTHING.
- Purchase of Gift Cards in the US.
- Purchase of large-size items, such as furniture, sports equipment, etc. in the USA and Canada
- We will find and purchase goods in the stores of Manhattan: Special order items not available in US online stores.
- We ship your packages from the US and Canada by mail or express delivery services.
- We help you buy cars, motorcycles and boats. New and used from any dealer auction in the USA. Cheap shipping of cars from the USA.
- We conduct inspections of houses, apartments and luxury cars in New York, Miami and Chicago and provide you with written and video reports.

About 90% of our customers become our regular customers and recommend us to their friends, and we are very proud of it.We don’t ship prohibited items – don’t even ask as about it, don’t offer extra money, don’t waste your time.

Inga Krasnodar,Russia05 29 14

Thank you, dear!! Love interacting with you! All issues are resolved quickly, clearly, and professionally. I received my eight pairs of shoes very fast. I'm very satisfied with everything))) I will fl ...

NATALIA M. Dubai, UAE06 06 14

Well, that’s the second parcel that just arrived) A huge thank you !!! Such a pleasure to work with this service, I can confidentially say this is the best service I have tried) I cannot resist not to ...

Natalia M. Dubai, UAE05 27 14

I read all the reviews, and can tell that they are genuine and sincere. I myself got super service –Quick! And no question I had remained unanswered, the parcel arrived to Dubai in just 6 days! Thank ...