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стоимость доставки

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If you have any questions regarding the purchase or delivery of goods from the United States, and you were not able to find the answer on our website – do not hesitate to contact us in any way that is convenient for you.

Do you just want to buy something in a US store or an auction, and our website seemed a bit complicated to you? Write or call us – we will help you figure everything out or simply place your order in any way that suits you.

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Your Soroka-Vorovka

VladimirKhabarovsk03 10 22

Марина добрый день. Наконец-то получил долгожданную посылку, все приехало хорошо, за упаковку отдельное спасибо. Упаковали так, что ей не страшно падение с высоты. Извиняюсь за чрезмерную назойливость ...

Natalia S. Kiev, Ukraine04 28 14

THANK YOU. As always prompt and great work!! THANK YOU!! ...

ANNA K. Zaporizhia, Ukraine06 28 14

Huge thanks!!))) This was my first time ordering and I was a little worried. I asked a lot of questions and probably came off as annoying. But I was very pleased with your patience and that you answer ...