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стоимость доставки из США

стоимость доставки

Shipping prices

We make sure our fees and charges remain transparent, so you will always know the total cost before you finalize an order.

You pay only the cost of shipping to a US address (if applicable), which will be derived from the price of your purchase + our commission + fees related to shipping from the USA to you.
Nothing else—no  hidden charges whatsoever!

Our commission. Our standard fees start at 6% and never exceed 10% (except for oversized items, such as furniture, sporting and professional equipment, etc).

Our fees depend on the size and nature of your order(s) from US stores or wholesale distributors.  

Our minimum charge is $7.oo/per store.

Fees for certain purchases will be quoted upon request:

  • Purchasing and shipping of furniture and sporting equipment
  • Purchasing and delivery of cars, boats, motorcycles, etc.
  • Purchasing and shipping of auto parts
  • Wholesale purchases

When you add links to items from US stores to your shopping cart, our calculator will automatically include our fee as 10%. Don't worry, though—once your order has been received, an operator will adjust our fees accordingly.

Before you pay, you will see a confirmed total listed under "my account."  That price will reflect the total cost  of your purchase, including: sales taxes (if applicable), the fees associated with shipping your items to our warehouse (if applicable), the current price of the purchased item(s) and, finally, our fee (in most cases, this will be lower than 10%). That's it - no surprises, and no additional or hidden fees. The only invoice you will receive after that will be for the cost of shipping your package(s) from the USA to you. 

It is important to remember that you will always receive 2 invoices—the 1st will be for your purchase; the 2nd will arrive once we have packed all of your purchases into one box and know the final weight and method of shipping (air or ocean, USPS or FedEx , etc.)

Our commission includes:

  • Acceptance of your purchase at our warehouse
  • Confirmation that your package includes all merchandise listed on your invoice or packing slip (if something is missing, we will contact seller)
  • Consolidation all of your purchases into one or more boxes, if necessary (to meet requirements for preferred shipping method)
  • Packing services, including all shipping materials
  • Communication with the seller and/or delivery service, as needed, in the event of missing items, broken items, or items that appear to have been lost in the mail, etc.
  • Completion of customs declaration forms
  • Removal  of invoices and price tags, upon request
  • Removal  of original packaging to save on shipping charges (e.g. shoe boxes), upon request
  • Verification that your purchase is in good and working condition, upon request (with detailed instructions about what to check)

 Here are some examples of our commission for different stores and categories of merchandise

Store in USA or merchandise category Order Details and/or restrictions Our fees
Одежда, обувь, аксессуары из США через посредника Clothes and shoes from most US stores. Our fees are determined by the specifics of your order (e.g., 2 items in order with a total of $300 - our fees equal 6%; but, if you buy 30 items, at $10 /per item, then our fee will be 10%).

6 - 10%

Keep in mind, $7 is the minimum charge per order, per store.
Игрушки из США Regular toys from USA: dolls, remote-controlled cars, water guns, helicopters, models, teddy bears, Furby Boom, Monster High dolls,  Disney toys, etc. 10%
Оборудование для детских садов из США Oversized toys and playground equipment, such as inflated pools, slides, swings, pedal cars, etc. flat rate: $25
Детские коляски и велосипеды США Strollers, car seats or children’s bicycles - flat rate, regardless of a price. flat rate: $30
Computers, monitors, cell phones,  Ipads,  Iphones - flat rate, regardless of price. flat rate: $30
Велосипеды Bicycles. Flat fee, regardless of price. Usually, the cost per bike bought from the US varies  between $700 and $3500, so our commission could be as low as 1.5%. flat rate: $40
Лыжи и сноуборды из США Snowboards or skis flat rate: $30
Гитары и клавиши из США Musical instruments—guitars,  keyboards, drum sets, etc. flat rate: $25
Amazon Usually, orders come in a few boxes. Despite our unified check-out system, we are ordering from different sellers. 10%
(whichever is greater)
eBay We use special software to place bids. No live customer support. 10%
(whichever is greater)
Abercrombie, Holister, Gilly Hicks In these stores, strict limits are placed on purchased items and/or the total purchase amount per month. 15%
Victoria's Secret The fee remains the same, despite the number of items or the total cost of your order in this store. 10%

You can return your purchase if the US store (or eBay, Amazon, or Etsy sellers) has a return policy, and all requirements for your return have been met, based on that policy. 

You pay the return shipping to us and return shipping to the seller.


each store


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I made my first order and I won't deny I had some doubts. I want to say thanks for the professional attitude and help of the Soroka-Vorovka employees. Especially big thanks to Marina. I ordered a chan ...