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стоимость доставки из США

стоимость доставки

Adding funds to your account

You can add funds to your account by a money transfer (Western Union, MoneyGram, RIA), by PayPal, by completing a Bank Wire Transfer, by a debit or credit card (VISA, MasterCard).

To add funds to your account, first you need to click on a corresponding button on your Account page. You will see a simple interface that will list all available payment methods.
For each method of refilling your account on your account page there is a detailed instruction, which makes no sense to duplicate here. Most importantly, please, remember - you are not alone on your shopping adventures in the USA! You can always contact the representatives of Soroka-Vorovka in any way that is convenient for you. We are located in the United States, in New York City, so be mindful that there is a time difference, but it is perhaps the only problem that we will not be able to solve for you or with you. As soon as you have a question – do not hesitate and simply get in touch with us, and we will definitely assist you.

VladimirKhabarovsk03 10 22

Марина добрый день. Наконец-то получил долгожданную посылку, все приехало хорошо, за упаковку отдельное спасибо. Упаковали так, что ей не страшно падение с высоты. Извиняюсь за чрезмерную назойливость ...

Natalia S. Kiev, Ukraine04 28 14

THANK YOU. As always prompt and great work!! THANK YOU!! ...

Alexander T. Krasnokamsky, Russia06 05 14

Thank you! Fast enough (given that it was necessary to collect around the world). I will be ordering again in the future, and advise others to do so as well… ...