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Shipping from the USA to Russia

Air or Sea, there are several possible ways to receive your parcel and packages in Russia. As soon as your package is consolidated, you can use our shipping calculator to quickly find out how much you will be charged for the shipment of your goods.

If you already know how much your package weighs, the calculator will then show you the exact amount that we charge you for shipping your American goods.

The amount shown on the calculator refers to regular size orders. Usually, such orders contain: Clothes, shoes, dolls, toys, cosmetics, and pretty much anything else that fits into your average size standard box:

 (45cm X 45cm X 45cm) or (18 in X 18in X 18in)

Like the standard boxes we can also send out larger objects (up to 66Lb, 30Kg with linear dimensions of no more than 2m, 6.5’).  These large objects might be: Skis, snowboards, large baby toys and trays, bikes, or sport equipment.

To determine the shipping cost of larger objects please request a preliminary indicative weight and size of your box. We will then give you an approximate price of shipping, so you can know what to expect. But remember, you don’t pay till you see your TOTAL Price (no hidden fees, no baloney).





   1.    On our site, “Economy” is the cheapest way for air shipments. It also has the longest wait for arrival.

Conditions and Limitations:

  • To ship through “Economy”, parcel must weigh between 4.5kg-20kg (10 pounds – 44 pounds). Parcels less than 4.5kg will be rounded up to 4.5kg.
  • Your parcels measurement total of width+height+length should not be greater than 210 cm (83in), and any length should not be greater than 105 cm (41in).
  • Parcel gets delivered to the post office.
  • Tracking is available only in Russia, when the package arrives to customs.


--Transit time for "Economy" delivery: 3-6 weeks


  2.   Regular air shipping is “Priority Mail”. It is the most commonly used among our customers for shipping parcels by air. Great shipping time and cost.

Conditions and Limitations:

  • Shipping with the “Priority Mail” option, lets you ship parcels up to 30kg (66lb).

  • “Priority Mail” parcel measurement total of width+length+height should not exceed 200cm (79in), and any length should not be greater than 106cm (42in).
  • Parcel gets delivered to the post office.


  • Tracking is available for the entire route of your “Priority” parcel.


--Transit time for "Priority Mail" delivery: 1-2 weeks


3.   Express air shipping (Priority Mail Express). Typically, this delivery method is the faster than “Priority Mail” in all countries, except for Russia. In Russia delivery times are approximately the same as “Priority Mail”. The only difference is that the parcel is delivered directly to your home. 

Conditions and Limitations:

  • Priority Mail Express” parcels cannot exceed 30kg (66lb).
  • “Priority Mail Express” parcel measurement total (weight+height+length) cannot exceed 274cm (108in) and no length greater than 200cm (79in).
  • Parcel gets delivered to an address.
  • Tracking is available for the entire route of your “Priority Mail Express” parcel.


*At the present time, transit time for "Priority Mail Express" parcel is about 1-2 weeks.

Commerical loads- for our regular customers from Moscow, who ship out large quantites items such as clothes and shoes, we offer an alternative to Russian Mail serivce. In this case, there is no need to divide the packages for shimpment to relatives and friends. Shipment time are approximately 2 weeks. Details and costs are agrred upon each shipment. From USA to Russia.

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