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Oversized delivery from the USA to Kazakhstan

Oversized Air cargo – Oversized air cargo weighs more than 30kg (66kg). We can only ship oversized parcels to the Almaty or Astana Airports. These parcels usually contain furniture, home furnishings, auto parts, etc. Delivery usually takes 2-4 days from the start of booking the airline. You will need to pick up your parcel from the Airport Customs and fill out the paperwork for Customs clearance.  If you are not located in the nearby cities of Kazakhstan we recommend finding a shipping company that will pick up your parcel from customs and forward it to your proper home address.

NOTE: We cannot give you the exact price of the shipping costs to the airports of Almaty and Astana, without knowing the weight and size of the box. The price is always determined by each individual load. Furniture, for example is not sent through the regular postal services (where the postal service pays for the weight). There is a fixed rate for shipping oversized parcels by freight companies, the weight here is not important. Pricing is determined by volume and the space a parcel takes up on one load.

Trying to figure out the size and weight of your bed or lamp by your self can prove to be difficult. As US stores cannot really weigh and measure your item. 

Therefore, the most accurate price you can receive can only be by us. We will measure and weigh your oversized item in our warehouse, and then give you our experienced opinion on the pricing of your shipment.

Delivery of parcels at the airport of New York can cost $5-10 per 1kg (2.2lb) depending on the size of your parcel.

Oversized Sea Transport – If timing is not of importance to you, then you can save money by shipping your oversized parcel be sea. For the calculated price, please use our calculator.

Conditions and limitations

  • Parcels weight should be between 4.5kg – 25kg (10lb-55lb). Parcels weighing less than 4.5kg get rounded up to 4.5kg.
  • Any side of the parcel cannot exceed 200cm in length.
  • Tracking is available for the entire route of the parcel.
  • Transit time is usually around 7-8 weeks.


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