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Oversized delivery from the USA to Russia

Oversized Air Parcel (weighing more than 30kg or 66lb) are sent to the Sheremetyevo Airport in Russia. As a rule these parcel should contain furniture, home furnishings, auto parts, etc. Delivery expectancy is 2-4 days from the start of booking the airline. You need to pick up your parcel from the customs department of the airport and, accordingly, the customs clearance of your goods. If you are not located in Moscow we recommend finding a shipping company or customs broker, who can pick up your goods from the customs for you, and later forward them to your correct address in Russia. 

You can find out the details of your shipment through customs as it happens, details such as price and arrival time. 

We cannot give you the exact price of the shipping costs to Sheremetyevo Airport, without knowing the weight and size of the box. The price is always the sum of each individual load. Furniture, for example, is not sent through the normal postal services (where the company pays for weight), or by freight company where there is a fixed rate per load – the weight isn’t important. The price lies in the size of a load which is determined by the shipping costs of Sheremetyevo Airport.

Finding out the weight of your bed or book case (furniture in this example) on your own, can show to be a real headache. As the store cannot really give you an exact weight but only a “close estimate” to what the stores employee thinks the bed might weigh. Therefore, the most accurate price you can receive is only when your furniture would be shipped to our warehouse for proper measurements of weight and size. Up to this point we can only imagine the size of the cargo, from our own experience. 

Delivery of parcels at the airport of New York can cost $5-8 per 1kg depending on the size of the parcel.



Ocean Transportation:

Shipping a parcel overseas lets us provide delivery to a post office or home address.

Read more:

1)    Shipping by sea to a post office or home address. (Use our calculator)

Conditions and limitations: 

  • To use ship overseas this way your parcel needs to weigh between 4.5kg -20kg or 10lb-44lb (parcels weighing less than 4.5kg will be rounded up).
  • The height + length + width of the parcel should not exceed 210cm (83in). As well as, any side should not exceed 105cm (41in).
  • Parcels are delivered to a postal office.
  • Tracking is available for the entire route of your parcel


Transit time for delivery: 7-10 weeks. Usually about 2 months.


2)    Sea courier personalized delivery service “right to your hands”. This method is currently unavailable in our calculator but you can always find out from our operators the approximate price for delivery to your city. It is important to disclose the correct weight and size of the package.

Conditions and Limitations:


  • To ship this way parcels need to weigh 4.5kg-30kg or 10lb-66lb (less weight will be rounded up to 4.5kg)
  • No length of any side can exceed over 200cm or 78in.
  • Delivered to address.
  • Tracking is available for the entire route of your parcel.


Transit time for delivery: 7-10 weeks, about 1.5-2 months.



Oversized cargo by sea – Usually we ship cars and motorcycles. This type of oversized cargo gets shipped to Finland. Transit time for delivery is around 3-4 weeks. You would need to pick up your cargo from the customs at the seaport. Roughly, to ship something like this the price is usually around $800, but these prices are constantly changing up or down. The exact amount will be known only during the purchase and shipment.

Shipping large furniture and other oversized objects this way is also possible. Here are the following options:

  1. We can send a container for you personally to Moscow. Shipping a container will cost about $6000, yet the prices are also constantly changing. We can determine the exact amount when you are ready to place an order.
  2. We can also send goods by sea to Finland. A spot in a container will cost around $800. Transportation of your from the seaport of Kotka, Finland and clearing customs clearance is entirely on you though. You can do it yourself or hire a company in Russia, or a customs broker who can do this for you.


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