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стоимость доставки из США

стоимость доставки

Storage for Large Sized Goods

Soroka-Vorovka provides you with a service to help you order large and oversized items from the United States and delivers it to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and the rest of EU. We also help you store your large items in our warehouse, conveniently located in New York until your order is fully processed/completed.

To determine what falls into our “Large/Oversized”, we use (and advise you as well) the USPS template: If your parcel is larger than 60 inches, and the length + width are more than 108 inches, your parcel is then considered “Large/Oversized”.

We provide you with free Oversized Parcel Storage in our warehouse for 21 days (3 weeks). Countdown begins when WE provide you with the information on size and width of your goods, and an invoice. From our vast amount of experience, 3 weeks is more than enough to determine and negotiate the delivery time and price of any parcel.

At the end of the 21 days Free Storage period, we charge a fee of $15 a day. Please note that, we at Soroka-Vorovka are not trying to make extra money from our customers on storage. We are not a storage company and we simply charge a fee AFTER providing the complimentary storage period to avoid having too many oversized parcel being stored at our facilities.

We do urge you to take responsibility for planning Large Item purchases, in the sense of planning the proper logistics for the delivery and pick up of your parcel in your country.

We sincerely wish you a great shopping experience, from Soroka-Vorovka, your shopping consultant, personal shipper, and assistant towards US online shopping.


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Sergey X. Moscow, Russia04 22 14

Thanks again to Marina and the team for being quick, prompt, and professional. ...

IrinaBaku, Azerbaijan05 20 14

I never would have thought that you can easily and quickly resolve issues with people not only that are strangers but also are on the other side of the planet!!)) I repeatedly make purchases from hand ...

Sergiu B. Irakleio, Greece05 17 14

Made my first order. So, as my country was not listed in the shipping calculator, it was added very quickly after one phone call. Courtesy, patience, honesty- these are the qualities I noted in the co ...